Mass Appeal India / Gully Gang presents a new song Hooked from the album Hooked sung by Shah Rule, Meba Ofilia. The lyrics of the song are penned by Shah Rule, Meba Ofilia, and music by Xplicit, Stunnah Beatz.

Hooked Lyrics

Hooked! Mmm… Yeah
Shah Rule! Mmm…

Mirror Mirror, In My Hand
You Don’t Define Who I Am (Mmm)
Mirror Mirror, In My Hand
Tell Me What You Got In Plan? (Mmm)
There’s More To Me Than What You See
Not Every Day’s A Movie Scene (Movie Scene)
I Hit The Lights And Go To Sleep
Lucid Dreams Under The Sheets
I Give You All My Honesty

I Know You Watch Me In The Kitchen
Damn Right I Over Ate!
My Pockets Looking Real Thick Thick
Right Now, Damn Right I’m Overweight
I Haven’t Made Post In A While
Damn It’s Been A While
(Damn It’s Been A While)
’cause I Gotta Get In Shape
When My Phone’s Fully Charged
On A Hundred, There’s Really No Escape

Lockdown, Trapped By These Apps
I Love Ass, Double Double Tap
Even If Its Cap And Imma’ Clap
When She Make It Clap Clap Clap Clap
We Gone Netflix And Chill
So Hard And I Need A Nap

Too Many Thots On My Mind
I Need Balance My Girl In My DM’s
Like Who The Fuck Is Alice?
My Thumb Slips Sometimes
L Know That He’s A Savage
I Didn’t Even Like Her Photo
I Just Liked The Photo
I’m Just Hooked!

Let Me Go Through These Comments
Let Me Count Every View And
Imma’ Check If Anyone Boo’ D
And If You Like Those Comments
You Enemy Too, Hahaha I’m Just Kidding
No I’m Not I Love Hater And I Just Joke A Lot
Can’t See Myself No More In This Black Mirror
I Only See These Chains, They Show Me I’m A Winner

Hooked Credits

Song – Hooked
Singer – Shah Rule, Meba Ofilia
Lyricist – Shah Rule, Meba Ofilia
Music – Xplicit, Stunnah Beatz
Label – Mass Appeal India / Gully Gang

Hooked Video

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